The 5 Best Books Related to Dog TrainingThe 5 Best Books Related to Dog Training


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Despite the title, these are my favorite books  relating to dog training at the moment and and I’m happy to take any recommendations.

I highly recommend reading these books to anyone who’s interested training or dog behavior and development.

  • How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog) by  Lee Dugatkin and Lyudmila Trut
    • If you’re interested in genetics, this is the book for you. This book really makes you think about nature vs nurture.
    • It also gives out alternative theories about how wolves became domestic and why domesticated dogs look so different from their wild counterparts.
    • It’s available as an audio book so if you’re not the sit down and read type of person, you can still enjoy a great story.
  • The Art of Training Your Dog -How to Gently Teach Good Behavior Using An E-Collar by The Monks of New Skete
    • If you ever wondered about e-collars aka “shock” collars, I highly recommend reading this book. The author is great at explaining how e-collars can be life changing for dog owners and thier best friends.
    • It’s a step by step guide on how they train dogs, and a good guide for trainers and owners alike.
    • You can take what you like and incorporate it into your training.
    • The Monks of New Skete have multiple books out that detail their training programs.
  • Team Dog by Mike Ritland
    • This book is great about talking about body language and how much dogs can learn from it.
    • Mike talks a lot about the nature of dogs and how to best communicate with them so they understand.
    • He also talks a lot about the value of decompression and getting down to the root of who the dog really is.
  • The Good Dog Way by Sean O’shea
    • Sean is incredibly skilled when it comes to aggressive dogs and helping them stay in their homes.
    • This book is a must have for dog owners who have difficult dogs and want to create a lasting relationship and positive change in their relationships.
    • He talks a lot about the human side of dog training and why your mental state matters when it comes to your dog.
  • What the Dog Knows by Cat Warren
    • This book is what got me interested in scent work and it’s also really incredibly written.
    • Cat describes her journey with her German Shepherd, Solo and how she had to give him a real job in order for him to succeed and thrive in life.
    • She describes the trials and tribulations along the way and how learning from other people enhanced his abilities and skill.

These are all great books in my opinion and definitely worth the read if you’re interested in dog training.

Not everything suggested in one book will work for you and your dog but each one has parts that can be incorporated into your life and help you create a full spectrum training plan.

If you have any suggestions for books, please Let Us Know!