Redemption Dog Training, LLC

Functional Dog Training for Real Life

We use actual client or personal photos on this site because we want to be completely honest from the beginning and we believe real life photos do that best. While we are not professional photographers, these dogs have worked really hard and we want to show them off. For the most up to date information and photographs of what we are doing now, please visit our Instagram @RedemptionDogTrainingLLC.


Lessons are great for people who have plenty of time and commitment to working with their dog(s). A trainer will come to your house and guide you in getting your training goals met. We customize every lesson and focus on real life training scenarios so that you can feel confident your dog will succeed in the future.

Day Train Packages

Day train packages are designed for people who prefer the trainer to do the “heavy lifting” and get the dog out into the world safely. A trainer will come to your house, build a good foundation with your dog during the week and then schedule lessons with you so that you can keep them up.

Dogs in this program go on regular outings with the trainer and are exposed to lots of different stimuli during their training in a safe, thoughtful way so they can become better overall members of society.

Golden Retriever


We LOVE puppies at Redemption. We offer several different options to get you and your puppy on the right track. We focus heavily on relationship building, games, and successful management so that you and your puppy have the best lives possible together.

Are We A Good Fit?

We consider our clients to be exceptional people who care deeply about their dog(s) and understand that training is a process, not a miracle cure. So, if you're a person who loves your dog and is willing to work really hard with us, and with them, then we'd be more than happy to hear from you.
We strive to provide open dialogue, friendly service, and utmost respect for our clients and expect the same from them.

The Basics

Redemption Dog Training services the Denver Metro area, Englewood, Lakewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Aurora, and Sheridan, Colorado primarily. We do work in adjacent areas depending on schedule/availability.

We offer in home dog training for your convenience and comfort.

We use a variety of methods and tools in our training. We tailor every training plan to reach your goals, create better relationships, and get results.

We understand that dogs and people are individuals and should be treated as such.

We specialize in behavior issues like fear, fear aggression, human aggression, and reactivity.

Pit bull in the fall

No matter the breed, size, or issue, we’re here to help.

From Pomeranians to Pit Bulls, we know that every dog is unique and needs to be looked at individually. We will do a full evaluation of what you’re looking to accomplish with your dog and the best course of action in order to achieve those goals.

All of our Services are completely customizable in order to get you the results you want.

Start redeeming your dog today.