Continued Education Outings

Pit Bull in Public

If you have done training through Redemption your dog is eligible for our continued education outings! This is great if you want a little more exposure right after your program, have a super busy week, or your dog just needs a little refresher on their training.

A trainer will schedule a time to come get your dog and take them on an adventure where they’ll work on sharpening their skills and getting them out for some safe socialization.

Outings will last an hour.

$100 Per Outing

$350 Outings a Week for 4 Weeks

Dog Matching

Husky, German Shepherd, Pit Bull sitting

If you’re looking to get a dog and want to get the best fit for your family, we can help. We will go through a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle, as well as what you’re looking for in a doggy companion, and then do behavior and breed evaluations to help you get a dog or puppy that will fit in with your household.

Prices vary