Puppy Training

Puppy Foundations

For dogs under a year old and owners who are looking to get off on the right foot. Your puppy will learn the foundations of sit, down, loose leash walking, recall, basic impulse control, and neutral socialization with people and other dogs.

German Shepherd Puppy
  • 4 Weeks of Focused Training- A trainer will come to your house 3 days a week to work with your dog one on one. (12 days)
  • 4 Lessons- The same trainer who has been working with your dog during the week will schedule 2 lessons during the training and 2 follow up lessons to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Extras-Weekly Videos, Informational Handouts, Text Support
  • Outings- This package has the option to add 3 months of weekly outings to keep your puppy on the right track and out of your hair.

Basic $1500

Pre School

For dogs under a year old.

A trainer will come to your house and work one on one with your puppy for 45 minutes and send you a short video of what they’re working and how to continue it.

Puppies will learn the foundations of come, sit, down, and loose leash walking as well as have a ton of great safe socialization opportunities.

$150 a week

8 week rotations


Great for owners who want one on one time with a trainers help and have plenty of extra time to work with their dog.

A trainer will come to your house or meet you at a second location and teach you and your dog how to work together with your dog to accomplish your training goals.

$125 Per Lesson for Single Lessons

$325- 3 Lesson Package

$500- 5 Lesson Package