5 Ways to Maintain Your Dogs Training5 Ways to Maintain Your Dogs Training


Training, just like all other skills in life must be maintained. You can spend all the money you want on dog trainers and training tools but if you stop implementing those skills they will deteriorate.

Most dogs get to a point where they’re pretty much self reliant, they let you know when they need to go out, they don’t destroy the house, and they can be calm when you need them to be. This tends to come with age.

The age however, depends on the dog. My 13 year old Border Collie has finally “calmed down”. For her, it means she sleeps more and can’t take as long of walks. Her mind is still sharp as a tack and she still NEEDS regular training sessions to keep her stimulated.

My 12 year old pitty mix doesn’t necessarily need regular training anymore as he spends most days happily snoozing, but he loves training so we do a little bit everyday for fun.

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All of that is to say, you must maintain your dog’s training. Especially if they are relatively spry or have had behavior issues in the past.

Structured Walks

A structured walk is a walk where your dog is engaged with you. Whether it’s heeling, recalls, or random commands throughout the walk, your dog is aware you are on the other end of the leash and ready to respond when you give a command.

Not every walk needs to be structured, but doing them regularly can keep you relevant and keep your dog on their toes.

Structured Chill Time

If your dog likes to bounce off the walls, or has tons of energy all the time, this one is for you.

Rather than the only time your dog is calm be when you leave or put it in the crate, start creating structured chill times.

One of my favorites is when people are eating dinner.Put your dog in a “place” or “down” command while you eat dinner and hold him accountable for staying in that spot. If they’re not used to this it may take a couple tries.

Another good time to do this is when kids are playing and the dog doesn’t need to be involved.

Mini Sessions

If you have 30 seconds to scroll Facebook, Instagram, or your social media of choice you have 30 seconds to train your dog and you can do both AT THE SAME TIME.

Get your dog’s attention, tell them to do something, scroll a little, release your dog and have a quick party.

You can get really creative with this one and both you and your dog can have a ton of fun with it.

Training Adventures

Take your dog somewhere and train them.

If your dog has only ever recalled in your yard, he needs to practice somewhere else to solidify the behavior. Dogs understand context, and the world outside your house can be so exciting that they forget what “come” means. So you need to help them understand.

You don’t have to train the whole time, but if you take your dog somewhere get a few reps in and make it fun.

Dinner Theater

Instead of feeding your dog out of the food bowl, make them work for their dinner.

Change up the amount of kibble you use for each command or make them do multiple commands in a row before they get dinner.

I realize most people can’t do this for every meal, but you probably have one meal a week you can take a few extra minutes.

Keep it up

Remember, dog training for the most part should be fun. Spending time with your dog should be fun and enjoyable.

If you let your training start to lax and your dog starts to exhibit bad behaviors, get back in the horse before it gets worse.

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